Swiss Quality around the world



Swiss Quality around the world

The founders of INIMEX are leading and dealing with international projects for many years as well as with trouble shooting.

Why did we start with INIMEX?

Our experience proofed that in spite of a careful planning there occurred unforeseen difficulties. A good personal network helped to overcome those problems and finish the projects in time!
Scientific and/or cultural knowhow proof to be the key element!

Especially people that would have never been made team members could make decisive inputs!

A geologist or mineralogist had knowledge about best and cheapest fillers for pharmacy products.

A banker could anticipate a shortfall within row material market therefore bottlenecks in production could be avoided.

A native speaker could overcome misunderstandings immediately.

INIMEX opens these possibilities even to you!

What makes us unique?

Our individual and flexible teams offer a competence profile you normally find only in big companies. By the way we are a small team of specialist! No chain of commands or applications is necessary!

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